Emerging artists offer portraiture at bargain rates as they build their portfolios.

We have grouped Emerging Artists at three levels here, based on their asking prices. The lower levels indicate lowest pricing, and higher levels indicate highest pricing in this category.

We represent many more than we are able to exhibit here. Some are just starting out, and some are well on their way to the next price level and/or category.

As artists gain experience, exposure, and find their 'style', their prices will rise.  Full portraits from these artists can be commissioned for as little as $25-$150 per figure for works on paper (watercolor, pastel, graphite) and $300 per figure for Oils.

 Emerging artists usually have small or limited portfolios.




Emerging Artists

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Who We Are

Wild Wonderful Appalachian Portrait Painters (WWAPP) is the first and only portrait agency based in West Virginia. We showcase WV professional artists as well as award-winning talent all over the US. WWA Portrait Painters range in skill and price from student to contemporary master. Portraits can be commissioned through WWAPP in all media.

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